Join SPOCUS for I sCan workshops at the AFPPANP conference in San Antonio in April!  USArmy Major Kerri Van Arnem, DSc, PA-C will be presenting 3 days of POCUS workshops.  Learn More.

Upcoming 'Yes, I sCan' CME Courses 

POCUS is to start hosting a series of CME workshops called the "I Can sCan Workshops" or shortened to "I sCan Workshops." The I sCan Workshops are affordable, immersion, customized workshops based around two principles.  Firstly, utilizing POCUS will always improve the quality of care clinicians deliver and secondly, mentorship is difference maker to the learner.  

The "I sCan Workshops" are a portion of a broader "Yes, I sCan" program which will evolve in the next year.  This initiative is intended to promote the concept that clinicians are scanning, and POCUS is a part of their practice. 

I sCan Workshops will partner with the ULA to utilize their video lectures and textbook to "flip the classroom."   In addition, every attendee will be offered membership into the Society, and will be assigned a mentor who will continue to guide the learning process and assist with questions on credentialing, competency and leadership. 

These workshops are intended for primary care, EM and critical use.  However, if there is a particular skill a learner has an interest in mastering, then time can be carved out to learn that specific skill.  For example, if a clinician working in anesthesia is interested in spending time learning regional anesthesia or line placement, then the iScan workshop can accommodate break out sessions to focus and teach these tasks.

The I sCan Workshops series:   

-"New Orleans 2018-  I sCan Bowl 2018"This is the brain child of Patrick Bafuma and in the early planning phases of partnership with AAPA.  The I sCan Bowl will be a SonoSlam type competition for students at the AAPA convention.

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