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Director of Clinical Ultrasound Administrative Bundle

A discussion on the concept of the position of clinical ultrasound director should begin with a basic premise.  The title of Director of Clinical Ultrasound for the practice does not need to be an expert in all things ultrasound.  It does not require formal education or certification.  The most important qualifier for this position is an enthusiasm for ultrasound, and a willingness to do the heavy lifting to make the program successful and improve the care delivered to the practice's patients.  Most often, this is the clinician in the practice who has the most ultrasound experience, regardless of profession.

Where ever there is a POCUS presence, be it in the clinic or in academia, the success of the program depends on leadership to ensure quality, drive the process and act as ultrasound subject matter resource for the practice leadership.

The director and deputy director of the practice's Clinical Ultrasound Program is also responsible for developing the facility's Model of Practice, leading the credentialing effort, maintaining the equipment, training new providers and students, insuring the studies are properly coded and billed, updating the practice's CUS guidelines, tracking the clinician's CME as well as acting as the primary evaluators and mentors for clinicians in the Proctored Phase of POCUS training.

SPOCUS has created a “Director's Bundle” that our members can use to formalize the POCUS presence in their local practice.  We also have a mentorship program that pairs clinicians who hold clinical ultrasound leadership positions with clinicians who are working to formalize their ultrasound practice presence.  This packet contains:

  • Clinical Ultrasound Model of Practice
  • Clinical Ultrasound Privileging Application
  • Example letter documenting ultrasound experience for providers leaving practice
  • Quality assurance templates
  • Sample statement requesting privileges for POCUS
  • Standardized Directly Observed Tools to assess competency
  • Ultrasound Program Infection Control Policy
  • Regional Anesthesia Checklist and maximum dosage chart
    • guidelines for discharging patients after regional anesthesia
  • Billing and Reimbursement statement
    • POCUS CPT codes
    • Billing Templates
  • An Ultrasound “Win” file, to document cases that will continue to promote the ultrasound program
  • Ultrasound patient Call back log
  • Director of Clinical Ultrasound job description
  • POCUS supportive literature
  • Sample Clinical Ultrasound Practice Guideline
  • Ultrasound imaging compendium
  • Difficult IV access guide
  • Image Archival recommendations
  • Software QA workflow contacts
  • Manufacturer Contact list
  • ACEP Workflow White Paper
  • SPOCUS Ultrasound Guidelines
  • Sample Profit and Loss statement
While the culture of some practice settings is not practically conducive to naming a PA, NP, CRNA, or paramedic to the position of CUS Director, an alternative may be to create a Deputy Director position which can do the lifting of the program, while allowing the Medical Director to be the face of the program.

If you have questions about the materials or need guidance with your program, please contact Frank Norman. He will be happy to assist you with anything you may need.

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