Society of Point of Care Ultrasound

Our Purpose

1. To promote the use of clinical ultrasound by physician assistants and to increase the access to ultrasound use by every physician assistant specialty.

2. To promote clinical ultrasound education of practicing physician assistants and use guidelines and educational curriculum already available for residents and fellows in specialty specific organizations to support the use of ultrasound by physician assistants in every stage of their career.

3. To promote the education of physician assistant students by advocating for early integration of ultrasound education at the PA School level with “day one curriculum ultrasound integration” and with promotion of elective clinical ultrasound rotation opportunities.

4. To provide a roadmap and assistance through ultrasound specialty specific guidelines for local credentialing of physician assistants. These guidelines are intended for physician assistants already proficient in clinical ultrasound, and those physician assistants who have attained basic skills and seek further mentoring to gain competency.

5. To develop centralized ultrasound guidelines for documentation, training, education, common language and provide uniform conventions for studies to insure results are objective, scientific and can be easily acquired, interpreted, stored as part of the medical record and that the studies can be reproduced in a scientific manner. These guidelines will closely parallel the guidelines set for by AIUM and partner physician associations.

6. To liaison with our partner physician groups such as ACEP, AMA, AAEM, AIUM, SAEM, AAFP and others to advocate for language within their guidelines which is supportive and inclusive of physician assistant’s scope of practice to perform and use clinical ultrasound in the medical decision making process with parallel and complementary position statements with respect to reimbursement and training. 

7. To promote the inclusion and interaction of groups of physician assistants not classically associated with ultrasound to include rural and remote medicine, underserved area medicine, disaster response, military and tactical medicine, and Good Will medical missions.

8. To promote the concept that physician assistants should be encouraged to become their medical facility’s Clinical Ultrasound Director and involved in their Ultrasound Continuous Quality Management Program. Active involvement promotes ownership, sustained improvement and self determination.

9. To support further research and publication of physician assistant's use of clinical ultrasound as a safe evidence based practice, and to support the development of other innovative ultrasound indications and methods for physician assistants to improve patient care.

10. To support the concept that Physician Assistant organizations, councils, associations, and societies in consultation with partner physician organizations should be leaders and decision makers for the governance of physician assistants performing clinical ultrasound. SPACUS’ purpose is to advocate the concept that while Ultrasound Fellowships, certifications, and PA residency programs may be a pathway to learning and demonstrating a high level of proficiency, they should not be a requirement for credentialing of core ultrasound applications by physician assistants.   

┬ęSPOCUS is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization  •  P.O. Box 90434  •  San Antonio  •  TX • 78209

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