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Comprehensive Free eBook Library!

Our friends down under at Zedu Ultrasound Training Solutions have built a comprehensive library of free ebooks that are available.  If you're looking for some deeper dives on a range of POCUS topics, this is your one-stop shop.

POCUS Practice Parameters

If you're looking for performance standards on a number of common POCUS exams, AIUM led a committee comprised of SHM, ACCP, SCCM, and SPOCUS to standardize POCUS exam performance.
Cardiovascular Point-of-Care Imaging for the Medical Student and Novice User 

From the American Society of Echocardiography, this course introduces basic cardiac point-of-care ultrasound concepts for all stages of medical/PA school. The curriculum is modular in format, allowing educators and learners to select the components needed to either enhance their existing ultrasound programming, or to use the modules as a starting point to deliver cardiovascular point-of-care education. Modules include anatomy, integration with the physical exam, pathology, 'teach the teacher', and testing themes. 

UCSD Ultrasound

An outstanding resource with online EUS core curriculum for various levels of learner, cases, journal club, literature etc. 

A fun, interactive, patient-centered and case-based game providing instruction on the indications, technique, and interpretation of various POCUS applications, from leading POCUS expert, Dr. Laleh Gharahbaghian and team at Stanford Med.  CME available for those eligible too!  

Great case-based scenarios and assessment tools, complete with images and clips that serve educators well in quickly assessing practical POCUS knowledge 

From Dr. Davinder Ramsingh and colleagues, this site is focused on perioperative POCUS but includes content relevant across multiple POCUS realms, and is filled with presentations, pre- and post-course knowledge assessments, and even a free e-book!  A great FOAM-US site for anyone looking to expand their POCUS skills!

Grepmed is a crowdsourced medical image site which has a huge POCUS image library.  If you're looking for sonographic pathology or putting together a presentation, this is a great website to visit.

    Peripheral IV insertion- "Every great journey begins with the first step".  This is a great video from Dr. Dawson of the  If you have never used ultrasound before and are looking to start, this is a great place to begin.  This is a basic skill for most of every medical professional, and who hasn't had the patient that has been stuck 6 times and still no blood, no line, do not pass go.  For those that doubt the value of ultrasound in your practice learning this skill will be the difference.  When learning any skill that changes your practice it is always advisable to seek more than one learning source.  Here is another great Peripheral IV insertion video from Dr. Geoffery Hayden at  ​Scroll down to "Vascular Access" also check on the tutorials from the Academy of Emergency Ultrasound.  Keep calm, ultrasound on. - This is "the show me".  Drs. Matthew Dawson, Mike Mallin and Mike Stone show you how to actually perform the scans and answer clinical questions.  On the surface these guys do appear to actually like each other but use their sharp wit with a combination of self deprecating humor and verbal low blows to not only teach but entertain.  If you are hoping for the type of material where a guy on stage lectures to you, move along.  

A crowdsourced page led by some POCUS heavy hitters.  Images of cool cases with quick #POCUS pearls.  Use, contribute, and everyone wins!

 Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound Vol I and IIThis is "the free good stuff".  The creamy delicious Oreo double stuff filling, the Russel Stover chocolate with the caramel inside.... a free ebook/text book written by Drs. Mallin and Dawson with embedded video clips, pictures, anatomy scanning techniques tips and pitfalls .  If you need some introductory reading this will get you get you started.  They only ask that you pay it forward, spread the FOAM,  and just maybe if you like what they do give them a high five on iTunes rating.

  Student/Preceptor rotation Ultrasound Rotation=Glory- Dr. Geoffery Hayden of the Medical University of South Carolina build this site and was generous enough to share it with the FOAMed world.  If you are a preceptor hosting a PA/Medical/NP student doing a month long clinical Ultrasound rotation this is the site for you.  This site allows you, the preceptor to "flip the class".  Didactic content is consumed by the Young Grasshopper prior to arrival to maximize scan  time during the rotation.  This site also contains links to other great content like how to videos on loop drainage, trigger point injections, cervical injections, radiology criteria, and a ton of other content.  Grasshopper becomes the Master. Dr. Hayden strikes gold again.  Spoon fed Ultrasound learning for every emergency medicine core application. Narrated Lectures, Ultrasound Images, Videos, How to do it, Pediatric ultrasound, Ultrasound articles, Cases.  He even has an Administrative page with links to Admin documents,3 Resources for  workflow tutorials, best ultrasound apps. As if that weren’t enough billing templates for most every application along with the CPT codes.  When you are done, test your knowledge​- Regional Anesthesia.....Physician Assistants this is a site that has particular significance for you.  Painful procedures such as joint and fracture reduction often bring workflow to a screeching halt when we have to call for help with conscious sedation.  More importantly  we are constantly being reminded how poorly we control pain, yet narcotics are not always the best answer.  How would you like to learn to reduce shoulders and fractures painlessly with out the need for sedation.   Hip fractures, rib fractures, clavicle fractures, laceration repairs, abscess incision, fracture reduction, foreign body removal all done under nerve blocks taught by Dr. Andrew Herring and his team of geniuses at Highland Hospital in Oakland CA.   Highland's videos and tutorials take you through the methods, indications, pitfalls and pearls on how to perform regional anesthesia, from start to finish... all free and FOAMed.  


Supports mp4, mov, avi, wmv, flv, and mpg filetypes
·       Supports drag and drop functionality (clips and multiple folders full of clips)
·       quick preview every scan before committing the batch deidentification
·       manual crop selector
·       full metadata strip
·       preview size selector
·       responsive design

Grab the new Mac app now [download] 73MB     Updated Win 7, 8, 10+ app [download] 56MB

UltrasoundOfTheWeek.comDr. Ben Smith, Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship Director of the University of Tennessee, was looking for a way to use an amazing library of pathologic ultrasound findings to help his residents keep sharp, test their ultrasound skills and challenge themselves with critical care cases.  He apparently couldn't find what he was looking for so he did what every other forward thinking leader does.  He created his own website.  Each case starts with a brief history, shows a beautiful ultrasound clip/image and then asks a specific clinical question.  Next he provides a link to the answer and a take home  pearl, along with a little goodie bag of an accompanying pathology module.  Not only are there beautiful images of pathology with plenty of teaching, but Dr. Smith has made the entire site free and FOAMed.  Thank you Dr. Smith, you and your crew are most generous and do amazing work. -Dr. Jacob Avila is a paisan of Dr. Ben Smith,  gives FOAMed videos that are a basic how-to-do for a specific US exam.  It’s basic... basic like "I have to walk over to this patient right now and do a GB US, I need a reminder".  This isn't about subtle findings that you probably won’t use.  It isn't about the history of an exam or the research/accuracy behind it.  It’s just to get you familiar with the exam. Are 5 minutes too long? In each video section there will be a link to a 5 Second Sono page that will just show you normal and abnormal. Ultrasound Reference Values: The down and dirty on all the numbered normal values of specific ultrasound examinations. If you can never remember how thick the anterior GB wall should be, it's about easy access on this web page.

 Ultrasound G.E.L. (Gathering Evidence from the Literature) is a podcast for  learning about recent literature in the field of point-of-care ultrasound. Our goal is to provide easily digestible information from scientific studies that will help your practice of ultrasound be evidence based.

Created by Michael Prats, @PratsEM, Creagh Boulger, @CreaghBJacob Avila, @UltrasoundMD if and when you need an honest appraisal of ultrasound literature USGELPodcast expertly gives brings you the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  

From The CUS Crew at Cook County, this site has cases, curriculum, SDOTs, lectures, and a bevy of other resources to help you move from novice to ninja! -  Dr. Christopher Hahn. Absolutely the most original way ever created to teach ultrasound and critical care topics.   There is no way possible for you to visit this site and not learn something.  Even if you aren't interested in Ultrasound, the drawings, animations, rhymes and music will teach you something about medicine and critical care that you didn't already know, and do it in a way which will make you remember it. 

 Echo Guided Life Support (EGLS) is the brain child of two French Canadian Intensivists with very cool    sounding names.  They are great teachers with the U/S fever whose explanations just sound more awesome with the French accents.  As they put EGLS "is conceived to address shock and peri-arrest patients in an efficient  and standardized manner."

SOFSONO is ostensibly geared to the Special Operations Forces community and the concept of prolonged field care.  It is very applicable to anyone working in rural/remote or austere settings.  Being shot at at work is not a prerequisite to gleaning a lot of very practical information.  Their "cheat sheets" are especially well crafted.The POCUS Atlas- An excellent crowdsourced site with an abundance of US images for use in presentations and educational material.  The recently-added evidence atlas distills down the literature that is vital in demonstrating the value of POCUS to students and new learners.

SonoClipShare-  If you have clips to share with others for teaching or collaboration, check out SonoClipShare. thanks again to Dr. Ben Smith.

 The AEUS Narrated Lecture Series is a free open-access medical education peer reviewed  resource on how to perform clinical ultrasound.   The project was initiated by Dr. Meghan Kelly  Herbst, who serves as the project leader. Each lecture is written and narrated by an academy member and then peer-reviewed by Dr. Herbst, the AEUS president and the AEUS educational officer. We hope you find these lectures informative and useful!

Chris Foxx Lecture Series- Free on iTunes, these open access lectures are guaranteed help you learn something new no matter what your experience level.  Dr. Foxx is one of the faces of POCUS due to his terrific lectures, passion for ultrasound and dedication to getting ultrasound into the hands of our newest generation of physicians. He is the driving force in the UC Irvine Medical Schools integrated Curriculum 

SonoSpot: Topics in Bedside Ultrasound is a place where the interesting, funny, cool and geeky meet to share their tips/tricks/knowledge of and adventures with bedside focused EM ultrasound. A place to highlight cases, applications and prominent people in bedside US education and research. Here’s to satisfied participants and students, lives saved, and spreading the gospel of the ‘Sound!

SonoSpot is the creation of  Dr. Laleh Gharahbaghian, US Director: Stanford University, Emergency Medicine.  Dr. Gharahbaghian is a true friend of the Society and has been exceptionally generous sharing her intellectual property with SPOCUS.  Twitter: @Sonospot  and "Like” us on Facebook

 FOAMed Ultrasound Curriculum Check out the entirely FOAMed-based, self-study  ultrasound curriculum. It's a collection of all the best FOAMed ultrasound resources in one place, organized into individual modules by scan category! This is FOAMed education from the top educators in ultrasound and who doesn't want to learn from the best

If you want to learn bedside echocardiography this is hands down the coolest sites on the internet and it will make your experience much easier to learn.  This is online interactive module to assist with teaching and learning the assessment of cardiac function with FOCUS. Users can view the TTE recordings for each of the 5 FOCUS views and see a corresponding 3D heart model, ultrasound probe, and ultrasound plane for the Parasternal short and long axis, Apical four chamber, Subcostal four chamber, and the Subcostal inferior vena cava.  This site answers the mystery of what plane you are looking in and how it corresponds to the anatomical site.

SonoBytes-  Dr. Phil Perera teamed up with SonoSite to create this series of excellent teaching videos.  Dr. Perera hails from Stanford and has much in common with Dr. Gharahbaghian, creator of SonoSpot.  These videos are concise, quick to the point, and highly educational.  They cover the anatomy, pitfalls, pearls and a down and dirty of how to quickly perform your scan.  They are also often accompanied by great graphics to help you better learn the material being covered.  

SonoSite Reimbursement -  SPOCUS, as a society, places the well being or our patients before any other consideration.  However, we recognize that a well run clinical ultrasound program depends fair reimbursement to be economically viable.   While SPOCUS does not endorse any ultrasound manufacturers or have relationships with industry or pharma, we do appreciate FOAMed and are quick to thank anyone in the business world that helps us provide better care for our patients.  SonoSite has created an excellent site to educate providers with coding and reimbursement information, and you don't have to own a SonoSite machine to take advantage of the learning.

 The University of South Carolina School of Medicine has developed an extensive ultrasound training program with the intent of providing a series of educational programs for its medical students, medical residents, and practicing physicians in primary care from around the state, the Southeast, and globally.

NephroPOCUS!  From UF Nephrology, this series of youtube videos is dedicated to all things kidney-related! is a point-of-care tool for aspiration risk assessment. It can determine the nature of the content (empty, clear fluid, thick fluid / solid) and when clear fluid is present, its volume can be estimated.Performing a standardized gastric ultrasound exam.  Identifying the sonographic features of an empty stomach versus one with clear fluid or thick fluid/solid content.   Measuring gastric fluid volume.  Interpreting the findings of gastric sonography and its implications for aspiration risk assessment

Looking for a way to log your scans to demonstrate competency? EchoLog allows you to log your scans by type and produce a transportable record of your scans, allowing clinicians to document their competency and allowing for portability of documentation.

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