Constitution and By-Laws

Student Ultrasound Interest Section/Group Constitution

Section 1- Name, Purpose, Non-Discrimination Policy

Name: XXX

Purpose: Ultrasound Interest Group and Student Ultrasound Interest Section are interchangeable.   The SUIS is a program designed to build leadership in the use and understanding of ultrasound (US) technology. Through education, the main goal will be to teach and encourage proper use of this tool in the clinical setting.  The SUIS is a mentorship program open to all students at the XXX.

The SUIS encourages leadership over the two years and the helping of others to learn how best to utilize ultrasound in medicine through structured mentorship and example.  Ultrasound education is passed on year to year, student to student.

Non-Discrimination Policy: This organization and its members shall not discriminate against any individual(s) for reasons of age, color, disability, gender identity or expression, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

Section 2 - Membership

As a student-run organization, voting membership is limited to currently enrolled students of the XXX.

Section 3-Organization Leadership

Leadership will change from year to year, and succession will be encouraged and practiced.

 Sectin 4 - Advisors

The SUIS will to actively encourage members of the faculty to step forward as Advisors of the Ultrasound Interest Group.   The advisors of the SUIS will play an integral role in helping with decisions and overseeing the meetings of the SUIS.  The advisors can also play a role integrating the activities of the SUIS with the curriculum of the program.

Section 5 -Meetings of the Organization

Membership will consist of first and second year PA students.  Two areas will be highlighted by the SUIS and will include clinical uses of ultrasound and educational ultrasound opportunities. The SUIS will encourage US education through didactics, hands-on sessions, peer-led training sessions, modeling opportunities, and shadowing in clinical settings.





Section 6 Membership In the SUIS

Membership is voluntary. Dues are $ XXX.  Any revenue generated by the program will be reinvested in SUIS.  This SUIS will be available to any level PA student. All members will be updated in the rolls on a quarterly and annual basis.  All members of the SUIS must be members of The Society of Point of Care Ultrasound (SPOCUS).  Student membership in SPOCUS is $20.  Student membership dues to SPOCUS will only be used to support the members of the local SUIS.

Section 7-Election/Appointment of Government Leadership

The leadership will be voluntary and will be determined by democratic election by SUIS members.  The qualifications of the leaders should include, but not be limited to: an interest of ultrasound, leadership, management, motivation and basic organizational skills.

The new leadership shall be chosen by a voting committee that consists of at least:

The voting committee will review written applications, and vote with respect to the following criteria: an interest and working knowledge of ultrasound, leadership potential, management skills, motivation, and organizational acumen.

 The transition to new government will occur between the last week XXX


Section 8 Leadership Committee

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will be composed of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.  This committee represents the general membership and conducts business of SUIS between general meetings of the membership and reports its actions at the general meetings of the membership.

8a.  Duties of the President

Shall be responsible of calling meetings

Shall reside at and conduct all meetings

Shall be responsible for appointing committees

Shall plan a program of events for his or her term of office


8b.  Duties of the Vice President

Shall fulfill the duties of the president as stated in Section 2 during the absence of the presidents

Shall update and maintain the SUIS web page

Shall assist in the coordination and planning of calendar events


8c.  Duties of the Secretary

Shall be responsible for maintaining accurate minutes of all minutes

Shall be responsible for correspondence to other organizations and individuals

Shall be responsible for all publicity for the organization

Shall fulfill the duties of the vice president as stated in 8b. during the absence of the vice president

Shall assume duties assigned by the president

Shall assume duties related to alias and contacting members


8d.  Duties of the Treasurers

Shall administer financial affairs

Shall fulfill the duties of the secretary as stated in 8c. during his or her absence

Shall submit a budget proposal  at the beginning of each school year

Shall assume duties assigned by the president


8e.  Duties of the Upper Class Advisor

Shall advise all other members of the group on proceedings from previous years in a consultative role, providing guidance to the SUIS leadership in terms of University policies and procedures, SUIS goal setting and management, problem solving, and facilitation of leadership transition with the objective of maintaining continuity for the organization.



Standing Committee

The Standing Committee will be composed of a Chief Coordinator, Model Pool Coordinator, and Clinical Coordinator.  Their primary duties will be to ensure that the SUIS program runs smoothly, an integral component of which is the model pool.  The Standing Committee will also include liaisons who will coordinate activities and meetings with other Interest Groups (IG’s). There will be a Head of Technology that will be responsible for creating and maintaining the SUIS’s digital information.

Section 9 Advisors

2 Co-Workshop Coordinators: The workshop chair manages all aspects of SUIS monthly workshops. This is an essential and arguably the most important job in the entire SUIS. They arrange the lecture instructor, small group instructors and their training, workshop curriculum, ultrasound machines, materials needed, location, etc. They of course will receive help in these tasks from other SUIS leaders, but the responsibility for these tasks and the success of each workshop falls on the workshop chair.

Media Chair:  The Media chair is responsible for documenting the activities of the SUIS, posting updates to the SPOCUS website, developing and updating social media such as Twitter, Face Book and the SUIS Blog.

SPOCUS SUIS mentor- SPOCUS will assign a mentor for the SUIS.  The mentor will be responsible for providing the didactic material in the form of FOAMed to the SUIS .  The mentor will coordinate the month’s learning and objectives.  At the monthly meeting the mentor will cover any questions. 


Section 4-Meeting Requirements/Activities



There will be organized monthly meetings, which members may attend and online opportunities to organize their own experiences and participate in the SUIS. Members are encouraged to attend all meetings and participate in level of training specific ultrasound activities.  Active membership requires participation in at least half the meetings.  Meetings and agendas will be determined by the Executive Committee.

It is the SUIS goal that resources be made easily accessible to all IG members and act as a sufficient aid in learning ultrasound. 

The SUIS will conduct specialty specific didactics and hands-on sessions.  These sessions will discuss advances in US pertaining to that particular field.  The goal is to increase the penetrance of US awareness/applicability in various subspecialties by exposing a diverse student body to its many uses.

A quarterly newsletter submitted from the Secretary will update membership on SUIS activities and events.  This information will be sent via online resources and posted onto the SUIS website.

Scanning of Live Subjects for Teaching Purposes during SUIS Meetings

Models should be notified beforehand of the possibility of an incidental finding, informed about the incidental finding, made aware of potential associated costs, referred to another physician for follow-up, and provided a copy of the scans. A secure copy of the ultrasound scan should be stored for future reference.

1.  Required elements

.                              a)  informed consent (guardian consent in the case of minors), in writing, must be obtained. Subjects must be familiarized with the entire process and an assessment made of the subject's understanding of their relevant medical condition.

.                              b)  the subject must be aware that the scan is for teaching only and will not be used for clinical purposes.

.                              c)  the identity of the subject must be confidential.

.                              d)  debate regarding the subject's treatment/care should not be conducted in the subject's hearing or presence.

.                              e)  in all situations, the medical practitioner responsible for recruiting the subject must ensure that it is safe for the person to be scanned in a teaching situation and must remain responsible for their care.

2.  Recommended elements

.                              f)  all subjects should be fully evaluated by the demonstrator prior to the commencement of the scanning session.

.                              g)  a specific individual (patient advocate) should be nominated to ensure the subject's rights and needs are respected and met.

.                              h)  demonstrators should be given adequate opportunity to familiarize themselves with basic machine functions prior to the commencement of the scanning session. Corporate sponsors should be encouraged to assist in the selection of the demonstrator.

.                              i)  alternative methods of presenting the scan data should be considered (e.g. prior video recording), especially when the subject is a minor or has serious pathology. The cost/benefit ratio of the session should be critically assessed.

All persons involved in the session (including the audience) should be made aware of these guidelines (e.g. slide presentation of guidelines at start of the session).


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