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Who is SPOCUS?

Previously known as SPACUS, SPOCUS is the only national medical society solely focused on clinical and bedside ultrasound. We are a fellowship of like-minded clinicians, from every medical specialty, who recognize ultrasound is a safe, cost effective and dynamic imaging modality that plays a prominent role in the care of our patients.

‚ÄčSPOCUS is committed to promoting the use of ultrasound through education, governance and advocacy, for all providers who utilize ultrasound from the PA student to the seasoned clinician.

SPOCUS is dedicated to its members and the support of POCUS as a whole. We are a non-profit society without a tethered relationship to pharma or industry and do not exist to profit or sell anything other than the concept that POCUS helps deliver superior care and helps students learn sustainable skills.

The elevator pitch for our Mission:

  1. Promote high quality clinical ultrasound usage for providers every specialty and practice setting through the utilization of The Guidelines for Clinical Ultrasound Utilization
  2. Help students attain the very best medical education possible by supporting faculty of PA programs and medical schools work to "Day One Ultrasound Integration" into their program's curriculum.

We welcome anyone who shares our common interest, from educators, researchers, students, our physician partners, to ultrasound techs and paramedics. We would like to extend an especially warm welcome to our partner Advanced Practice Providers to include nurse practitioners, midwives, and nurse anesthetists.

The SPOCUS Purpose

  1. To promote the safe and effective employment of clinical ultrasound by all clinicians across the healthcare spectrum, regardless of specialty, practice environment, or education level, to ultimately benefit our patients.
  2. To promote and expand clinical ultrasound education and educational opportunities for practicing clinicians and promote the development and standardization of clinical ultrasound guidelines across all specialties and practice levels.
  3. To promote clinical ultrasound education for students across the full spectrum of medical profession education, and advocate for early integration of ultrasound education with "day one curriculum ultrasound integration" and with promotion of elective clinical ultrasound rotation opportunities.
  4. To provide a roadmap and assistance through ultrasound specialty specific guidelines for local credentialing of clinicians of any practice level, setting, or education level.
  5. To develop centralized source for clinical ultrasound guidelines for documentation, training, education, common language and provided uniforms conventions for studies to ensure results are objective, scientific and can be easily acquired, interpreted, stored as part of the medical record and that the studies can be reproduced in a scientific manner.
  6. To liaise and collaborate with groups such as ACEP, AMA, AAEM, AIUM, SAEM, AAFP, AAPA, and others to advocate for language within their guidelines which is supportive and inclusive of their respective members' scope of practice to perform and use clinical ultrasound in the medical decision-making process with parallel and complementary position statements with respect to reimbursement and training.
  7. To promote the inclusion and interaction of groups of clinicians not classically associated with ultrasound to include rural and remote medicine, underserved area medicine, disaster response, EMS, military, and tactical medicine, and good will medical missions.
  8. To promote the concept that appropriately trained and prepared clinicians should be encouraged to become their medical facility's Clinical Ultrasound Director and become involved in their Ultrasound Continuous Quality Management Program. Active involvement promotes ownership, sustained improvement and self-determination.
  9. To support further research exploring/validating all clinicians' employment of clinical ultrasound as a safe evidence-based practice, and to support the development of other innovative ultrasound indications and methods for clinicians to improve patient care.
  10. To collaborate with industry in expanding access to ultrasound devices, expand clinical ultrasound educational opportunities, and in developing ultrasound devices which simplify users' ability to employ ultrasound and enhance access to high-quality care.

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Integrating Ultrasound into Medical Education with Student Ultrasound Interest Sections (SUIS Program)

Our own Maj. Jonathan Monti, DSc, RDMS, PA-C, and Ryan Minton, PA-S, are recognized for their work with the University of Washington MEDEX Student Ultrasound Interest Section.  The award, was presented by the AAPA to SPACUS for Advancing the PA Identity.  

Ryan was pivotal in organizing his fellow students to form The SUIS into a model which acts as an extracurricular activity, in a sustainable program that future classes will have the opportunity to experience.

Jonathan served as the class mentor and was able to work through the University's simulation center to utilize their equipment.   The students of the SUIS even created their own ultrasound phantoms.  With Jonathan's mentorship, the students received over 16 hours of training and found the education very rewarding.

New SUIS Programs

Fritz Fuller PA-C, "The Mayor of Ultrasound," teaches first year PA students at the University of Utah PA program the finer points of probe manipulation.  Fritz is a SUIS' senior mentor and he is committed to providing the training necessary to get these students onto the pathway to clinical ultrasound competency.

Get together with your classmates, form a free SUIS program and SPOCUS will match your group with a local mentor like Fritz who will teach you how to multiply your clinical capabilities by employing bedside ultrasound.


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We are a young organization and are actively looking for membership involvement in committees, research, administration, leadership, outreach, and education.

From sonographer, to ultrasound fellowship-trained to undergraduate pre-clinical student, your level of ultrasound training does not matter - join today!

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