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Who is SPOCUS?

SPOCUS is an inclusive fellowship of like-minded clinicians ranging from EMS & austere prehospital personnel, nurses, NPs, PAs, physicians, CRNAs, and PTs, across every medical specialty and practice setting, who recognize clinical ultrasound as a safe, cost effective, and versatile imaging modality that can have a profound impact on patient care and advance medical education.

​SPOCUS is committed to promoting the use of ultrasound through education, governance, collaboration, and advocacy, for all providers who utilize ultrasound.

SPOCUS is dedicated to its members and the support of POCUS as a whole. We are a non-profit society without a tethered relationship to pharma or industry and do not exist to profit or sell anything other than the concept that POCUS helps deliver superior care and helps students learn valuable bedside clinical skills.

The elevator pitch for our Mission:

1. Promote high quality clinical ultrasound training and employment for providers every specialty and practice setting through the utilization of The Guidelines for Clinical Ultrasound Utilization

2. Help students attain the very best medical education possible by supporting faculty of education/training programs, towards development of "Day One Ultrasound Integration" into their program's curriculum.

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And the "Golden Probe" Award goes to.....?

Recognizing the immense talent and efforts of our members is a vital part of the SPOCUS mission.  This year marked the inaugural year for the "Golden Probe" Award, intended to recognize the  most outstanding contributions and dedicated service of a SPOCUS member. Patrick Bafuma was presented with the award for his efforts in leading the Yes, I Scan Competition/Workshop at AAPA '18. 

New SUIS Programs

Fritz Fuller PA-C, "The Mayor of Ultrasound," teaches first year PA students at the University of Utah PA program the finer points of probe manipulation.  Fritz is a SUIS' senior mentor and he is committed to providing the training necessary to get these students onto the pathway to clinical ultrasound competency.

Get together with your classmates, form a free SUIS program and SPOCUS will match your group with a local mentors like Fritz who will teach you how to multiply your clinical capabilities by employing bedside ultrasound.

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In our dedication to the promotion, democratization, and advancement of POCUS, we offer:

  • Leadership and collaborative opportunities in a growing organization
  • Low-cost membership, third-party US education and US equipment discounts
  • Access to employment opportunities
  • Personalized / tailored guidance, support, and education in the area of POCUS
  • Private members-only resources and community forum
We are a young but rapidly-blooming organization looking for the brightest and best leaders who share a passion for POCUS and desire to impart that passion on others.

From sonographer, to ultrasound fellowship-trained clinician, to PT, to EMT, to undergraduate pre-clinical student, your level of ultrasound training does not matter - join today!

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